Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sticky Doors

Sticky doors are a common problem that arise in Australian homes, but they are relatively easy to repair. Sticky doors are generally caused by loose hinges and unsealed top and bottom of the door which causing swelling of the timber. Sometimes a sticky door can also be an indication of more serious foundation issues, such as subsidence.

If you do not address a sticky door in a timely manner, the door will gradually become harder to open, which causes severe damage to the hinges and handles. 

By following a few simple steps, you can easily repair the problem of a sticky door:

1.       Plane the door down to its correct height. Plane it from one side to centre. Then again from other side to centre so you get an even surface. The ideal gap between the door and the door jam is 2mm to 3mm.
2.      Sandpaper the perimeter of door giving it a smooth round edge.
3.       Seal it up with some paint, to stop moisture getting inside the door so that it will remain stable.

4.       If re-hanging the door by yourself, put your hammer down on the floor parallel to the door. At a 90 degree angle, place your chisel over the top of the hammer and under the door. You will have created a foot-operated lever which will make it a lot easier to lift the door up and down by yourself.

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