Thursday, December 05, 2013

Lighting Solutions

Lighting is a crucial element for any home. It can alter the mood as well as the appearance of your walls and furnishings in a particular space.

Different lighting for different spaces
Bedroom: Think about mood lighting, dimmer switches, wardrobe lighting, dressing table and bedside table lamps.
Lounge room: Accent lighting works well in a lounge room. It is recommended that you use up-lighting (floor lamp or wall lights) which offers a purer quality of light through refracting off the ceiling.
Kitchen: Your kitchen cabinets can showcase your treasures and collectibles with feature lighting. Recessed downlights and task lighting are also great in kitchens.
Get the right light bulbs
There are numerous light bulbs on the market: energy efficient, halogen, LED, fluorescent, incandescent – the list goes on. 
Light bulbs come in a variety of shades – from warm to cool light tones, or bright white, to blueish, to yellowish. This is the ‘colour temperature’ of light measured in degrees Kelvin. 

The lower the Kelvin the more yellow the light and the higher the Kelvin the bluer the light. A warmer globe is generally preferable in a home setting but a cooler globe may be more suitable for applications such as strip lighting in bulkheads.

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