Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Say Goodbye to Mis-Match Colours

Have you ever stumbled across the perfect colour for your new walls? Only to find that a photo on your smart phone and a quick PMS comparison bear no resemblance to the colour you once saw?
Have you ever had to match the colour of a wall that had been scratched? Accidentally ditched the paint can ages ago and forgotten the swatch name?
Well believe it or not, there is an app to solve this colour-matching dilemma.
A new smartphone application enables you to capture any colour you see and store the information in your phone in as much detail as the human eye. The creators describe the SwatchMate as a "real-life eyedropper tool".

SwatchMate, from the bright minds of by Paul Peng, Rocky Liang and Djordje Dikic, is a small cube device that accurately identifies and captures colours on real-world surfaces. It uses Bluetooth to send the colour data to a smartphone or into Photoshop.
This application is revolutionary for designers, home renovators, and other creative minds to ‘measure’ colour values. Awarded the 2013 Sydney and Melbourne Design Award, Swatchmate allows users to instantly scan any surface and digitally match its colour to paint libraries. The idea is to make the colour world more interactive so that colours can be properly documented.

If the project reaches its funding goal, the SwatchMade will be manufactured in Victoria by June 2014.  

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