Thursday, November 07, 2013

Bathroom Design Trends

The most recent bathroom design trends of 2013 are all about water efficiency, the spa experience, and overall aesthetics.


Water efficiency is now one of the primary considerations for Australian home owners. Companies such as Raymour are now supplying six star WELS rated basin mixers that use as little as 4.5L of water per minute with toilets also saving significant amounts of water with four star WELS rating.

Toilets have also evolved somewhat with wall hung and wall faced models increasing in popularity in recent times. These models have concealed cisterns and wall-hung designs are suspended above the floor for a clean and uncluttered look.

Spa Experience

Bathrooms are no longer seen as being a simple wash room but a home spa and a domain where people can unwind. Showers now deliver up to six shower patterns - from a refreshing light spray to a dense, massaging rain shower.

Kohler offers BubbleMassage baths that take up the same footprint as a conventional baths yet deliver the spa experience with thousands of warm-air-filled bubbles that massage and support the entire body.


Bathrooms have now become a representation of the homeowner's personal style. Earp Bros is pioneering the trend towards textural stone finishes, organic timber planks and coloured mosaics. All of these features are the product of the very latest in ceramic tile technology.

Moreover, dimensional and tessellated tiles have also become a huge trend in bathrooms where the tiles have an innovative 3-D appearance.

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