Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Energy Saving Roofing

Engaging in the re-roofing process allows you to increase your energy efficiency whilst also reducing the cost.

Cracks and missing tiles can contribute to the development of water leaks. This also results in cooler temperatures inside the home, which leads to additional energy consumption and more money attributed for heating purposes.

Re-roofing will improve insulation and ventilation, generally making your home more comfortable.

The re-roofing process also offers the opportunity for the installation of sarking, a flexible membrane that is laid under the roof battens that provides increased thermal insulation.

When selecting a material for a replacement roof, terracotta roof tiles are the premium choice for Australian homeowners. This is because they are resistant to the effects of frost during the cooler months. They also act as an additional barrier against dust and condensation.

Colourbond is the other main contender offering a cheaper alternative and a sleeker look. This is paramount in the design phase. 

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