Thursday, October 03, 2013

Uninvited Guests

Termites are responsible for causing an incredible amount of damage to Australian homes each year, with one third of Australian properties reporting damage caused by these uninvited guests. 

Unfortunately, the damage caused by termites is normally not covered by household insurance. On the flip side, you can protect your home by undertaking regular inspections and trying to make your household unattractive to termites.

What attracts termites?

·         Moisture (i.e. damp ground)
·         Decaying timber framework
·         Mulch

How to prevent termites:

·         Fix plumbing problems
·         Seal leaking showers
·         Increase ventilation underneath your floor
·         Don’t leave wood lying on the floor! This is their source of food and will be the number one cause in attracting a colony of termites.
·         Ensure the ground is well drained
·         Keep mulch away from the house perimeter as it holds moisture in soil and serves as a shield for termites

·         Expose concrete slab edges by at least 75mm so you can inspect the house perimeter to detect the presence of termites 

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