Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things to consider before renovating your kitchen

       Research your design elements

It is important to research and collect samples of the materials and colour schemes you plan to use for the project. This will enable you to create a "mood board" that will allow you to visualize how the various design elements will look together. 

              Embrace innovative trends

Contemporary interior design trends are dynamic. Do your research! This could help make unique additions to your kitchen space. Magazines such as HomeLife or Grand Designs Australia provide great insight to interior design ideas.

           Attention to detail

Attention to detail can make or break the appearance of a new kitchen. Make sure you consider styling features such as splashback choice, undermount or top skins, draining solutions, and edge detail selection to create a space that represents your lifestyle.

        Design around your appliances

It's important to research your choice of appliances such as oven and cooktop, dishwasher and microwave as their dimensions will play a fundamental role in the overall layout of the kitchen. Be sure to allow for just the right amount of space to avoid frustration when your new fridge doesn't quite fit in its space.


It might be tempting to keep costs down by opting for cheaper appliances and materials but it's important to think long-term. A renovation is an investment that adds value to your home. Using products from reputable brands creates a quality finish that will appeal to future potential buyers. 

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