Friday, September 27, 2013

Concrete Cancer

What is Concrete Cancer?

Concrete cancer (also known as “concrete spalling”) is caused by the steel reinforcing rusting inside the concrete.  This causes expansion which results in displacement of the concrete around the steel. When the concrete cracks, water penetrates through, causing the steel reinforcement to rust. This results in corroded steel reinforcement and may cause significant wear on both the steel and the concrete.


Concrete cancer can be identified by observing the following:

·         Appearance of rust stains, broken concrete or rusted steel reinforcement emerging through the concrete slab, walkway, awning, etc.
·         Swollen or delaminated concrete

What causes concrete cancer?

 Concrete cancer can be caused by the following:

·         Poorly treated reinforcing steel
·         Poor quality concrete
·         Use of incompatible metals


Concrete cancer can be treated by undertaking the following repair strategies:

·         Cleaning and removal of all loose, rusted and damaged steel reinforcement
·         Replacement of steel reinforcement that had been damaged beyond repair
·         Treatment of steel and concrete with unique priming products and anti-corrosives
·         Reinstatement of concrete using products such as Sika or Parchem
  Application of a new render so that the initial appearance of the concrete is restored


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