Thursday, May 10, 2012

How are "Weep Holes" & "Mould" Related

Weep hole are put in place by the bricklayer when construction is underway. These basically let water out of the cavity via a flushing. Weep holes are usually found along the first course above a slab - either at ground level or first floor. They may also be found over a window.

If weep holes are blocked this will cause water build-up in the cavity and the internal wall will become wet. This will then lead to mould build-up inside your house. This will also be more prevalent in winter as most people close windows and turn a heater on.

Here are some tips...
  • If you are going to render your house make sure the renders clean the weep holes before they finish each day. Make it a point to do so.
  • If you are going to pave or put a concrete slab at the back or side of the house, make sure the finished floor level is lower than the weep holes.
  • If you have garden beds against your house, make sure the soil level is below the weep holes.
Doing all of this will keep your house in a better shape and keep dangerous mould spoors out of your house and keep you healthy.

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